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David Brundage received an additional pay out of $366,710.22 on October 19th, 2005. How much in additional funds have you received?

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Beliefs are very powerful. We fight wars over them. We build monuments to them. Medicine, psychology and political systems are built on them. But sometimes they aren't true. We just think they are. Sometimes we believe in fairy tails.

Bob was not "convicted of fraud" in the San Diego civil trial. Please read below:

The California Corporation Commission stated in their press release after the Civil Case that Bob was "charged with fraud". What does that mean? All it means is that anyone can file a lawsuit and mall kinds of accusations that they are well aware that they cannot prove. Then it has to be proven in court. Jim Openshaw of the California Corporation Commission could not prove in court that there was fraud on Bob's part, why? Because Bob was not involved in any fraud.

It is common knowledge that Jim Openshaw tried to bribe C.J. Palmieri offering him a shorter sentence if he implicated Bob in the fraud. C.J. Palmieri knew Bob was not involved in his fraud refused to go along with the scheme!

The judge stated that the Corporation Commission did not even attempt to prove fraud, Jim Openshaw knew that he could not prove it.

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The San Diego Civil Court decision was that Bob's was an "administrative violation" which was based solely on "strict liability" the California Court found that Bob had no knowledge of Mr. Palmieri's scam. The court directly ruled against the California Corporation Commission and Jim Openshaw in the effort to prove a violation by Bob was based upon "knowledge".

In other words the court directly ruled that Jim Openshaw failed to prove fraud on Bob's part!!!! This is a very important statement because Bob was not involved in any fraud.

Jim Openshaw elected to pursue the case administratively - What does that mean?

It means that Jim Openshaw knew he could not prove that Bob had any knowledge about C.J. Palmieri's fraud ... so Openshaw went the "administrative" way ... all he had to do was change the existing laws and bend them to the direction they wanted!!!

They had to make viaticals a security at the time they were sold!!!!!!

Only one problem ... viaticals were not listed as a security during the time they were sold. Viaticals were listed under the California Department of Insurance. The very same California Department of Insurance that licensed C.J. Palmeiri as a viatical broker, the same California Department of Insurance that failed to regulate his viaticals.

The State of California Corporation Comission published on their very own web site a statement listing viaticals as a security ... thus "closing a loophole". This was done January 2001. Well after the sales of C.J. Palmieri's viaticals.

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