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David Brundage

David Brundage

David Brundage received an additional pay out of $366,710.22, did he tell you that? I bet not! How much in additional funds have you received?

On David Brundage's web site he claims that Bob "stole" his money and the money of all the other investors ... he states that Bob was C.J. Palmeiri's "partner", and he did this without any proof!!

Now David Brundage has proof that Bob was not involved in the fraud, he knows that is a lie, but he has not changed his tactics or his website. He knows that Bob was not involved in the C.J. Palmeiri fraud and that Bob did not steal anyones money. But he continues with his lies. He also lies that Bob was "convicted of fraud." He knows that Bob was not "convicted of fraud", but again he continues with his lies.

David Brundage is a liar.

David Brundage is also a stalker! Stalkers can be very dangerous people!

David Brundage forged Bob & Margaret's names on over 200 subscriptions: orders for subscriptions and for merchandise, some of which was very sexually explicit material. This was between May 2004 and the end of 2005. The copies of all the subscriptions are available to view.

Also available to view are 50 of the original subscription or order cards that are David Brundage filled out and sent to the companies in his own handwriting.

He also sent Bob & Margaret eight threatening letters, including one that contained a white powdery substance. This is a form of intimidation that can be very frightening!

Margaret filed an Order of Protection against David Brundage on February 2, 2004, mainly because she became alarmed that so many of the subscriptions, etc. were sent in her name and the harassing letters referred to her in a derogatory manner. When Bob was gone overnight she was subjected to harassment by neighbors (Rick and Jill Blomdahl, 2731 River R.d Trow, Montana). The would ring the door bell at 3 A.M., cut water lines, cut electrical wires, etc. They lived in a very remote secluded area and Margaret was afraid.

The judged denied the Order of Protection because it was not in his jurisdiction. That very same day David Brundage mailed another frightening letter:

Hey Dawgs
You tried once more
to bury your bone
But, again you fail
You hapless Drones
Come Clean to all of us
while you still can

Or Bend over' scream
While you get Rammed !!!!!

In David Brundage's sworn affidavit to the Montana Court he swears under oath that he sent one letter to Bob & Margaret .. but not the others. Only thing .... the envelope and handwriting match the others!!!

Oops!!! I guess he is a liar.

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