The CJ And Bob Fan Club
The Truth From Robert Shearburn
CJ Palmeiri Deposition
California Department of Insurance Investigator Deposition
Civil Harassments And Claims By Former National Medical Funding/Palmeiri Investors
David Brundage
Bob Shearburn has been subjected to significant harrasment by former National Medical Funding investors and I believe that such harassment may be actionable. Three investors lied to the Montana Department of Real Estate maliciously trying to have his license suspended. All three complaints were dismissed by the Montana Labor Board. Included here is a series of documents and emails from "Fan Club Member" showing an ongoing pattern of harassment by disgruntled investors against Bob.

Civil Harassment Documents And Emails

To further enlighten people about the role Bob Shearburn had with National Medical Funding and CJ Palmieri
The CJ And Bob Shearburn Fan Club - The Truth About Bob Shearburn
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